Set and Forget – FAQ’s

Do I have to sign a contract?

There is no contract! You can cancel any time.

Do I have to receive a minimum number of deliveries?

Not at all! We completely understand that everyone is different and the box you order might not be exactly the right fit for you. You can cancel after that first delivery if you need to.

Payments / Failed Payments:

The website needs to take a payment in order to start a subscription. You will be charged for your first box when you sign up.

Payments are taken at the interval that the order was originally set up with, for example if you order 3 days in advance, the system will automatically charge you for the order 3 days in advance every time. If you’d like to change the day/time that the payment is taken, please get in contact with us so that we can fix this up on our end.

If a payment fails, the system will send you an automatic email to let you know. The system will then retry the payment every 12 hours until it either times out or succeeds, so if you get that first email and the order is a few days in advance, you just need to make sure that there is money in your account and the system will try the payment again in 12 hour’s time.

If the order is due the next day and the payment hasn’t gone through yet, you may need to pay for the order manually to ensure that the order can be delivered on your preferred day.

If the website is not able to succeed taking a payment after a period of a few days, the subscription may be “On hold” indefinitely and intervention is required to activate it again.

Changing the subscription:

If you find that the box size or frequency you chose are not quite right for you, or you need to add/change the instructions on the order, we can change the subscription for you. We can only make these changes on our end, so you just need to send us an email with your change requests or give us a call and we’re more than happy to help!

Here are some of the things we can change: delivery day; delivery frequency; box type; box quantity; payment day; payment time; delivery instructions.
You can also just cancel your subscription and set up a new subscription for the new box/frequency, in case you need to make these changes outside of our office hours.

Postponing your subscription:

Are you going away? Or you didn’t eat as much fruit and veg as usual so you have too much left over and don’t need the box this week?

We can postpone your subscription for as long as you need it – either by putting it on “hold” until you tell us to activate it, or by changing the date on the order or payment to take in to account the time you’re away and then it’ll start automatically again.

We just need 24 hours’ notice so that we can make sure the order isn’t already packed and out for delivery! Send us an email, use the contact form or give us a call.

Cancelling your subscription:

You can cancel the subscription any time! You can do this by going to “My Account” then “Subscriptions” and clicking “Cancel”.

Please note, cancelling a subscription does not cancel a processing order. If an order has already processed before you can cancel it, you just need to get in touch so that we can refund the order for you.

Once cancelled, the subscription will switch to “Pending Cancel” but don’t worry, it doesn’t charge you for any orders while pending – it’s just in case you change your mind. It gives you 7 days until it switches to “Cancelled” and is unable to be reinstated.

Little glitches that we’re working on fixing:

If ordered too far in advance (7-8 days), the system gets delivery days confused.

For example, if you order on a Wednesday for delivery on Thursday the next week (7-8 days later) it may allow you to process the order just fine. Unfortunately, once the next Wednesday comes around and the system processes your order again for you, sometimes it can get confused. It’s just a simple system and all it knows is that you get a delivery on Thursday, so it will process an order for delivery the next day even though you already placed one for that day the previous week.

If you notice this has happened, please get in touch with us and we can fix it up for you. This glitch only happens if you order this far in advance. You can order up to 6 days in advance without confusing the poor Set and Forget system!